Soft Series is a concert series dedicated to presenting soft premieres of new music in an intimate environment with lively pre- and post-concert conversation. The first season featured performances by cellist Craig Hultgren performing in-progress works he has commissioned, violin duo Miolina (Lynn Bechtold and Mioi Takeda) performing new acoustic and electroacoustic duets, and Varispeed with thingNY performing an excerpt of Kenneth Gaburo’s six-hour opera Maledetto. All of the concerts take place in Grey’s loft apartment in the NoMad neighborhood of New York, creating an accessible setting for the audience to interact with the musicians.



Established in 2016, l’Artiste ordinaire (l’Ao) is a collaborative partnership between composer-performers Melissa Grey & David Morneau. Their electronic performances include 7^3 [M] (Benjolin synthesizer, Game Boy), Gadget Berry Dimple: A Glossary of False Translation (Benjolin, Merlin, Spoken Word) for Hans Tammen’s 100th Anniversary of Dada at Spectrum NYC, and Hyperlocal 2.0 for Thomas Piercy (Bass Clarinet, Sine Waves, Beats). l’Ao’s Oulipian translation of Hugo Ball’s poem Gadji beri bimba will be published in Circumference Magazine (Summer 2016). Photon Ecstasy, commissioned by University of Pennsylvania Special Collections Library, will premiere with the exhibition of Dan Rose’s DNA-Photon Project (October 2016). http://artisteordinaire.org